Elizabeth Nompleggi '21

Notre Dame Academy was the best place, and for me the only place to go, when choosing a high school. The moment I walked through the doors, I felt like I already had friends. The way the girls treated each other, the way they didn’t mind letting themselves be who they are, made me want to be part of the NDA family. I quickly learned the friendships made at NDA are everlasting; they are a bond between sisters that lasts well beyond your high school years. When I went to class, the teachers were kind and genuine. They let their students know that they are there for them, to help, and to guide. The way the girls talked to the teachers and joked with them gave me a sense of comfort and safety in the classroom. NDA provides its girls with a stellar education that helps them to prepare for college and beyond. When I hear speeches from alumnae, I realize how lucky I am to be in such a community that fosters individuality, independence, and growth. Now, as a sophomore, I am exceedingly glad that I chose Notre Dame Academy. A unique place where I can be myself and learn the importance of workmanship, independence, and love. - Elizabeth Nompleggi ‘21